Walk-In X-Ray Services

Walk-In X-Ray Services

Get a quick and accurate diagnosis for a
comprehensive range of conditions.

From a broken ankle to kidney stones, Dominion Imaging provides comprehensive
X-Ray services available to walk-ins.

What to expect

Before going for your next X-ray, there are a few things you might want to know. You may have been asked to get an X-ray to diagnose a broken bone, infection, or even to identify a foreign object in your body. It’s a relatively simple test, but it can become the catalyst for ensuring you receive the care you need. Where you go to have your X-rays done and, most importantly, who reads your results can make all the difference.

During your X-ray exam at Dominion Imaging, you can expect an excellent experience. X-rays are non-invasive. Pictures are taken with a low-level of radiation, but you may be asked to wear a lead vest and collar to reduce your exposure. Please tell your technologist if you are pregnant or may be pregnant. After the X-ray, you can resume normal activities right away.

How to prepare

For most X-ray exams, patients are required to remove jewelry and wear a hospital gown. X-rays are done very quickly and in an open format. This usually removes concerns for patients with claustrophobia or anxiety. You can resume all normal activities as soon as your X-ray is completed.

How an X-ray works

X-rays are the most common form of radiology. An X-ray machine delivers a beam of invisible electromagnetic energy that passes through the body onto an image recording plate. Images are recorded digitally.

X-rays are non-invasive and completely pain-free. Pictures are taken with a low level of radiation. Still, leaded vests and collars are typically placed over the parts of the body that are not being X-rayed. It is recommended that pregnant women avoid getting an X-ray.

Anatomy of the X-ray image

Different body parts absorb X-ray beams at varying levels. Soft tissue such as muscle, fat, or blood will appear dark gray as they allow beams to pass through. Structures that are more solid or dense, such as bone or tumors, do not allow most of the beams to pass through. That's why they appear white. A break in a bone will appear as a dark line since the X-ray beams pass through the fractured area. 

Why your radiologist is important

Getting your X-rays done by experts can make an impact on your care. It's crucial to find a radiology practice with Board Certified Radiologists who are Fellowship Trained in the particular subspecialty you need. When a highly-skilled specialist interprets your images, you'll have greater peace of mind knowing that your results are accurate. 

At Dominion Imaging, you'll have access to on-site Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Radiologists without having to step foot in a hospital. Dominion Imaging is an outpatient medical facility specifically dedicated to X-ray and ultrasound imaging. That means more experts and less wait time to get what you need. 

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Dominion Imaging is dedicated to providing the community with the highest quality X-ray and ultrasound services by Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Radiologists.